2017 Vendors of the Year & Nominees

Each year, Real Change Vendors get together and select outstanding vendors to celebrate and honor as the Vendors of the Year. This year, the nominees selected have accomplished so much during their times at Real Change. Each of these inspiring individuals represents the core Real Change values of Courage, Community, Creativity, Compassion, and Integrity.

Click on each nominee to learn more about their personal story, and join us at the 23rd Anniversary Breakfast to celebrate their acheivements. While only two vendors are selected to be the Vendors of the Year, it is an honor to be nominated by peers and we thank all of our vendors for building a caring and inclusive community!

Donald Morehead

Evie Mason

Harlan Wood

Jen Tibbits

Serah Burnham

Shawn Wilson

Tanika Faircloth (Not pictured)

Yemane Berhe

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