Everybody needs a hand up sometimes

Lisa Sawyer grew up in Seattle and graduated high school in 2006.  When her apartment building caught fire in 2013, she and her boyfriend moved into a hotel. Their savings lasted just one month.

When one life crisis comes after another, it can feel almost impossible to get back up. Homeless and living at Tent City 3, Lisa panhandled for money to survive.

When Lisa heard about Real Change, she was eager to try. “I was getting older and didn’t like begging and holding up a sign.”

Since she became a vendor, Lisa’s been elected vendor representative by her peers, completed a training for emerging advocates and held a paid advocacy internship. She’s testified in front of lawmakers and helped organize lobbying in Olympia.

Now, Lisa has reason to smile. She’s moved from despair to hope and has a larger sense of her own possibility. “It feels good to achieve something on my own,” she says.

While Lisa’s efforts are her own, it takes a community to make a person whole. Each of our supporters is part of her success.

With your help, Real Change serves about 800 vendors like Lisa each year.   Every week, new vendors find work and community selling the newspaper.  Each month, 12,000 readers buy Real Change to help their vendors and get the news they need.  And every day, Real Change has a big impact on people’s lives and on our city.

We are community in action, with each of us doing our small part to heal a broken world.

This May, Real Change has the ambitious goal of raising $195,000 to support our work of healing lives and building for change. 

We made a very strong start during the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG day of giving. In just 24 hours, 431 people contributed $75,813. With our match from Wyncote Foundation NW, donors have gotten us more than two thirds of the way toward our goal.

Last year, an amazing community of 1,817 donors provided more than half of our annual budget. Your support is an essential part of Real Change’s success.

Please help us reach our $195,000 spring goal with your gift today.

Your support changes lives, builds for power and creates a future when opportunity is equally available to all.  Thank you for doing your part.

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