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COVID-19 has deeply impacted vendors' ability to earn an income selling the Real Change newspaper. The Seattle streets are empty, and social distancing makes selling the paper a challenge. Real Change has adopted new strategies to support our community, like weekly check in calls and grocery distribution. You can support our general operations with a gift here. 

Giving directly to your vendor for the paper you would have purchased is a great way to support. Simply download and open the Venmo app on your smartphone, search for @Real-Change, and type your vendor's name and badge number in the description. Check out this page for step-by-step instructions. 

Please note: Real Change is unable to give cash directly to a vendor. Venmo is the only way we are able to facilitate direct gifts. If you wish to send mail to your vendor, you can address an envelope to VENDOR NAME, Real Change, 219 1st Ave. S, Ste 220, Seattle, WA 98104. Real Change never opens vendor mail, and it is given directly to the vendor the next time they visit the Vendor Center.

Vendor Names, Badge Numbers, and Locations

Pioneer Square

  • Michael Lacker, 14397, Starbucks 1st and Yesler
  • Mike Hall, 6626, 1st and Main

 West Seattle

  • Cherie Wisner, 10806, California and Alaska, West Seattle
  • Larry Elmore, 1851, Admiral Safeway
  • Adrian Aytch, 9439, Junction Safeway
  • D. Nichols, 10542, West Seattle Target
  • John Birgen, 9032, Post Office West Seattle
  • Robert Wilson, 12327, Walgreen's
  • Janice, 14189, Admiral Safeway
  • Calvin Dampier, 12474, West Seattle PCC, Metropolitan Market
  • William Brown, 10332,  Jefferson Square Safeway

 Downtown Seattle


  • Marko McLemore, 14456, CVS 2nd and Lenora
  • Michaeal Henderson, 10175, Denny and Aurora

South Lake Union



  • Crystal Hayes 13921, Ballard Trader Joes or Elliott Bay Bookstore
  • Donald Morehead, 9859, Ballard Market
  • Rose Gascon, 12807, Ballard Trader Joes
  • Jose Camacho, 10891, Ballard Trader Joes
  • Michael Foote, 13251, Ballard Post Office

Crown Hill


  • Angie, 12131, QFC Shoreline
  • Deborah O'Neal, 14327, QFC Shoreline
  • William Doerpfeld, 12231, Central Market Shoreline


  • Sabina Lopez, 11690, Fremont Starbucks
  • Yolanda, 12702, Fremont PCC


  • Tracie Mohakern, 13728, Whole Foods Roosevelt



  • David Falk, 14252, QFC Walingford

Queen Anne

  • Walter Kozbiel, 9295, Starbucks Upper Queen Anne
  • Nina Gipson, 14010, Trader Joe's Queen Anne
  • Neal Lampi, 8595, Queen Anne Trader Joes
  • James Morelli, 9509, Queen Anne Metropolitan Market


Central District

Columbia City

  • Don Lowe, 12465, PCC Columbia City
  • Anitra Freeman, 7982, PCC Columbia City


Lake City

 No Location Specified

 Capitol Hill

  • Crystal Hayes 13921 Ballard Trader Joes or Elliott Bay Bookstore
  • James Walsh, 14092, Elliot Bay Book Company
  • Ron Woolms, 13908, QFC 15th
  • Phillip Minnis, 8938, Republican and 15th Ave Wallgreen's
  • Chris Eller, 13155, Republican and 15th Ave Wallgreen's
  • Susan McRoy, 6713, Central Co-Op, East Madison
  • Davis Roger, 13557, QFC and Walgreens
  • Gladys Moon, 13804, Republican and Broadway QFC
  • Sylvia Demo, 10016, Starbucks 1600 E Olive Way

 Madison Park

  • Cliff Tymony, 9685, Bert's Red Apple

University District

  • David T, 11394, University Bookstore
  • Dawn C, 13757, Metropolitan Market near U Village
  • Jewel, 12713, 47th and University NE at Red Light Vintage
  • Greg Cummins, 9906, Trader Joe's U. District


  • Adrick Morgan, 11638, Northgate QFC








  • Shelly C, 12385, Bothell Canyon PCC
  • Davis Roger, 13557, Grocery Outlet


  • Van Crowder, 2085, PCC Greenlake

View Ridge

  • Margaret K, 8532, PCC View Ridge



  • William Doerpfeld, 12231, Central Market

Real Change Whatcom County

  • Tim, @RCWhatcom, Cordata Coop
  • Jeremiah, @RCWhatcom, Downtown Coop

Messages of love and support

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And your messages of love keep us connected.

Here are a few of the notes vendors' have received from you. Thank you for sharing, we are stronger together!


Hope you are doing well Dave, stay safe! Here is some money for you and your family.

Last week, I'm sure you were a good helper to your mama❣
For missed papers. Hang in there!
Missing conversations outside the bookstore!
Miss seeing you everyday outside the office!
 the hardest working man in Seattle
Miss getting my paper from Addis! He always brightens my day with his smile and fun rhyming songs! ☀
Can't wait to hear your Kazoo again soon!
Stay healthy and safe!